Duplicate Stitch or Swiss Darning

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As the name implies, Swiss darning is a darning method for reinforcing weak areas
on you knitting projects.
But it is also used to decorate them because it is much simpler than intarsia or
stranded colorwork.
It allows you to add small details or patterns to a finished project.

How to embroider stitches on your knitting project ?

Step by step explanations of Duplicate Stitch

To do this, you will need to use the same thickness of yarn as the one used for the
project, neither thinner nor thicker.
Feel free to mark the stitches you are going to darn with a erasable fabric pen if
it is easier for you.

Duplicate Stitch
Illustrations :  © Sylvain Daudier

Step 1: Cut a thread about 50 cm / 20″ long and thread it onto a tapestry needle
Step 2: Insert the needle through the wrong side of your project at the bottom of
the stitch you want to duplicate
Step 3: Insert the needle at the top of the V of the stitch from right to left to form
the first leg of the V.
Step 4: Insert the needle at the tip of the V to complete the stitch
Repeat steps 2-4 until you finish the pattern.
Weave in the ends.