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How to knit German Short Rows

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German Short Rows are an alternative method to wrap + turn short rows (w+t).

In my opinion, they are easier to knit and far more discrete on stockinette stitch than wraps and turn.

While I was searching an explanation for this term, I came accross Asa Tricosa's website and here is what she says about German Short Rows.

"My German friends look askance at the name, German Short Row.

I’m not sure who named it, but it seems to be the common way to refer to this technique among Anglo knitters.

Incidentally, Germans call the stitch on which everything turns a Doppelmasche (a double stitch), which makes perfect sense. As we shall see.

Short-row shaping is useful for all manner of knitting – shoulders, sock heels, striped shawls, nonstriped shawls and more.

Let’s begin."

How to work these German Short Rows?

German Short Rows Written Instructions

This video is in French.

On the RS/WS row: work as established up to the mentioned stitch,  turn
On the WS/RS row: slip one purlwise with the yarn in front, then pull the yarn over the RH needle to the back of the work pulling tightly. This will create the GSR double stitch. If the next stitch is a knit stitch, the yarn is in the back where you need it. If the next stitch is a purl stitch, then bring the yarn to the front between the needles.

On the next row: work the double stitch as a single stitch

Some patterns using this method (I use it a lot!)

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