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How to do the Long Tail Cast-On

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How to Do Long Tail Cast-On

The Long Tail Cast-On is probably one of the most versatile and common assemblies found in the knitting world.

This Cast-On provides a beautiful cast on. And you could use it for casting-on sweaters, cowl or mittens that doesn't require a specific cast-on. Keep in mind to cast on with a regular and relaxed tension to avoid an irregular and stiff cast-on.

How to get a Long Tail Cast-On?

Long Tail Cast-On Written Instructions

Let's start with step 1: Make a slip knot or a loop and put it on the right needle. Using your left hand, place your fingers between two strands of yarn (thread from the skein on your index, the other is on your thumb) to create a triangle. Counts as the first knit stitch.

Boucle sur l'aiguile pour montage en long tail

Step 1: Insert the needle from bottom to top between the 2 threads on the thumb.

Secondly, step 2: Insert the needle under the thread on your index finger. From back to front.

Finally, step 3: Then, insert the needle into the loop on the thumb. Pull the thread to create a stitch.

Steps 1 to 3 create a knit st.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you have the desired number of sts.

Etape du long tail cast on
Etape 2 du long tail cast on
Long tail cast on - maille formée

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