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Magical Creatures : Fantastic Five Pairs of Fingerless Mitts

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Are you a big fan of Harry Potter, Tolkien or Games of Thrones? Me too so we have that in common!
Those movies and books made me want to create a series of Magical Creatures to wear on my hands: the Magical Creatures.

That’s why you firstly find the Deer, Harry’s magnificent Patronus ; secondly, Ghost, Jon’s companion in Game of Thrones ; thirdly, the Phoenix (must I introduce the famous Order?) and finally, the last one, Hedwig, the majestic winged friend from the young magician’s saga.

You’ll still have one pattern to discover!

So a total of five Magical Creatures patterns.

Magical Creatures : The Deer

This very first pattern represents the mythical Patronus who is invoked to protect oneself from evil forces (if you want to know more, I recommend the Harry Potter wiki).

It is probably one of the most beautiful creatures in the Harry Potter saga.


This is a pair of mitts starting with a 2×2 ribbed cuff.

Thanks to this tutorial (in this pattern you work 2×2 ribs so you have to repeat the steps to get the required number of purl and knit stitches but the way to do it is the same), the ribbed CO is stretchy and beautiful.

Next, you will refer to the stranded colourwork chart which includes the increases to shape the thumb.

As soon as the thumb gusset is created, you will put thumb stitches on hold and continue the chart.

Finally, you’ll end up with a ribbed edge.

Magical Creatures : The Wolf

Next, let’s move on to the second pattern who immerses you in the world of Games of Thrones with Ghost, Jon Snow’s white wolf.

Magical Creatures The Wolf
The Wolf

The construction is completely identical to the previous pattern except that the measurements here are 29 cm long and 21 cm in circumference after blocking.

Magical Creatures : The Phoenix

The third pattern takes you back to the world of Harry Potter with Fawkes, Albus Dumbeldore’s phoenix.

With no doubt, it is this magical creature that inspired this pair of multicoloured mitts.

The Phoenix Fingerless Gloves
The Phoenix

Once again, the construction is identical; except that I used a multicolored yarn from Lang Yarns Mille Colori Lace Luxe: colour and glitter.

If you wish two completely identical mitts, I advise you to take two balls of yarn and choose the colour’s section with which you are going to start the mitts.

Magical Creatures : The Snow Owl

And this is Hedwig, Harry’s faithful winged companion who lost her life in the book Deathly Hallows.

Snow Owl mitts
The Snow Owl

A little childhood memory

I have a real fascination for birds of prey and especially for owls.

I remember when I was a little girl I took in a pigmy owl that had been injured.

In the absence of a rehabilitation center, we had put her in the greenhouse, safe from predators. And I regularly brought her food and even took the mice killed by our cats.

Chouette chevêchette

One day, I found the box empty. In reality, I will never know if it left on its own or if it died and my grandparents hid it from me.

To tell the truth, today I wouldn’t keep it, I would call the CREAVES, a rehabilitation center for birds (see the link: what to do if you find an injured bird?).

What yarns did I use for these patterns?

For all these patterns, I used sock yarns from Lang Yarns: Lang Jawoll solid colour at least for the background colour as well as Jawoll Twin or Mille Colori Lace Luxe.

All the published or upcoming patterns are gathered in an ebook on Ravelry.

Ebook Magical Creatures
Magicl Creatures Ebook

Finally, the very last pattern is on my needles and is coming soon …

It’s up to you to guess which magic creature it is!

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