Pym & Pullpy Collection, episode 1

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The Pym & Pullpy collection is a collection for men (but not only) that includes a sailor sweater and 4 pairs of socks and two embroidery patterns!

The patterns are available on my shop and on Ravelry.

Pym & Pullpy or how to revisit the classics

Pym & Pullpy Collection
1. The story behind the Pym & Pullpy Collection

It’s time to get back to the blog with the presentation of this collection.

About 6 months ago, I contacted Sylvain Daudier to close a previous project and as we have two indomitable creative souls, the possibility of a new collaboration came up very quickly.

It started with two colors to match and ended with a complete collection of several patterns!

Pullpy Sweater
2. The sweater: Pullpy Sweater

We had no choice but to note that men’s sweater patterns are rare in the knitting world or when they are present, they are quite classic; so we decided to give a new look to a great classic of fashion: the sailor sweater.

Breaking with the traditional codes was the objective. First of all by renewing the very classic color code of blue, white with a touch of red by opting for petroleum blue sprinkled with purple and rust, white sprinkled with black and grey and an orange sprinkled with rust and black also to give relief to the sailor sweater.

Then break with the codes by inserting a cuter motif of the sea monster found in mythology: the Kraken (elegantly named here Pullpy).

And of course, include a character that mirrors the Kraken, the intrepid sailor Pym inspired by Edgard Allan Poe’s novel, The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket! (video below in French)

3. Socks: Wavy, Pym, Pullpy and Anchor

In our creative flight, we did not stop at the sweater, we had to complete the collection with something else!

So were born 4 sock patterns! Yes 4!!! For someone who has trouble knitting two identical socks and who suffers from Second Sock Syndrome, this was quite a challenge for me!

The four pairs of socks are all constructed the same way: from the toe to the leg with a afterthought heel.
All of the patterns feature stranded colorwork and are different levels. Some are easy to knit, others will require a little more technical skill.

Pym & Pullpy Socks

4. Pym & Pullpy Embroidery

By introducing Sylvain to the world of needle crafts, I got him started on a passion for embroidery!
Very quickly came the idea of designing an embroidery!
But how to integrate it in this project?
That’s where my friend Laurence, Serial Stitcher, came in and suggested we embroider this on a sock bag!
And we’ve come full circle!
A sweater, socks and a mini duffel bag to go on an adventure!

The pattern is available on my webshop, on Ravelry in French and English for immediate download. It is also available on Lovecrafts and Makerist.

5. Where to find these patterns?

Pym & Pullpy Collection is available on my webshop, on Ravelry in French and English for immediate download. It is

All the patterns can be found on the ChristalLK webshop, both knitting patterns and embroidery patterns!
We even have kits for you!
De Luxe, Classic, and Embroidery!

You will of course find the knitting patterns on my Ravelry store and soon on Lovecrafts and Makerist

To understand the ease, I suggest you watch the video below (in French):

7. If you want to know more

In the next few days, I’ll share with you more specific articles about the patterns: their construction, the techniques used, etc.

In the meantime, you can also watch the YouTube Live filmed on the 20th of April on the ChristalLK channel (it was my first live, so the sound is of average quality and it’s in French).

I hope the collection will make you fall in love with it and that this article will make you want to knit or embroider at least one piece.

If you would like to share comments and feedback, please feel free to do so below.

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