Pym & Pullpy Collection, episode 2

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In this article I will talk about one of the key elements of the Pym & Pullpy collection: Pullpy Sweater.

This is a men’s sailor sweater in a totally new style and you will need a fingering yarn to knit this sweater for men but quite adaptable to a feminine version.

The pattern is available here in the store, on Ravelry

Pullpy Sweater, the renewed sailor sweater for men

Pullpy Sweater Pin
1. Pullpy Sweater’s story

As I explained in this blog post, about 6 months ago, I contacted Sylvain Daudier to close the previous project and as we have two creative minds quite indomitable, very quickly came up the possibility of a new collaboration.

It all started with two colors to match and ended with a complete collection of several patterns!

If you follow me on the net and if you are a loyal fan of my patterns, you know that I regularly propose patterns for men.

It is clear that men’s sweaters are rare in the knitting world or when they are present, they are quite classic; so we decided to give a new look to a great classic of fashion: the sailor sweater.

2. Breaking with the codes

Breaking with the traditional codes was the objective. First of all by renewing the very classic color code of blue, white with a touch of red by opting for petroleum blue sprinkled with purple and rust, white sprinkled with black and grey and an orange sprinkled with rust and black also to give relief to the sailor sweater.

Then break with the codes by inserting a cuter motif of the sea monster found in mythology: the Kraken (elegantly named here Pullpy).

And of course, include a character that mirrors the Kraken, the intrepid sailor Pym inspired by Edgard Allan Poe’s novel, The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket!

Pullpy Sweater
3. The construction of Pullpy sweater

This is a top down sweater starting with a few rows of corrugated ribbing. You will then continue using the modified raglan method which gives emphasis to the shoulders.
Then once the yoke is finished, you will separate the body and the sleeves.
The body is first knit flat to knit Pullpy in intarsia and some stripes and as soon as the pattern is finished, you will join again in the round to finish the body in stockinette stitch.
The bottom of the body will be finished with corrugated ribbing identical to the neckline.
You will then work the sleeves by playing with the stripes and finishing with a 1*1 ribs cuff.
If you want to learn more about how to make stripes without demarcation, you’ll find a video of the Jogless Stripes tutorial below.

4. Where to buy the pattern?

The pattern is available here in my store and on Ravelry in French and in English, available for immediate download. It is available as a stand alone or as an ebook.

5. Available sizes for this sweater

1 [2, 3] [4, 5] [6, 7]

The pattern is available from 90 cm to 148.5 cm finished chest measurements and the expected ease is a positive one from 12 to 18 cm.

6. Yarn and material needed to knit this sweater

The suggested yarn is La Pelote Vagabonde Abri Fingering 400 m / 100 g (100% merino) in three colors

CC1: Ecailles Tigrées color approximately 518 (613, 700)(796, 899)(974, 1076) m
CC2: Neptune Grincheux approximately 498 (589, 673)(765, 864) (935, 1034) m
CC3: Tête de Linotte color approximately 70 (75, 80)(80, 85)(90, 95) m

The material required is as follows:

  • 100 cm (40’’) 3.5 mm (US4) circ needle
  • 30 cm (12’’) 3.5 mm (US4) circ needle (or 5 DPN’s) for small circumference
  • Tapestry needle
  • 4 Stitch Markers
  • Scrap yarn to put sleeves on hold
7. Why Pullpy?

Finally, why did we name it Pullpy?

Pull Py? Doesn’t that remind you of anything? It’s a contraction between pull (sweater in French) and poulpy (a cute French name for the octopus).
Simple and effective (and it’s not me who found the name!)

I hope you’re going to fall in love with this sweater and this post makes you want to knit it.

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