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What is a KAL?

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If you have joined the knitting community recently, you have certainly discovered the concept of a KAL and even a MKAL!

I must admit that when I first started knitting with Ravelry, it took me a little while to understand what it meant. I understood that KAL was the abbreviation of Knit A Long and MKAL was the abbreviation of Mystery Knit Along.

But it was still necessary to understand the concept!

Let us see a little more in detail what a KAL is! (and it will give me the opportunity to present you the MKAL that I launch this 1st ofOctober for the Advent period).

What is a KAL

1. What is a KAL and a MKAL?

1.1 Definitions

KAL = Knit A Long so knitting the same project all together.

MKAL = Mystery Knit A Long so a KAL with a touch of mystery.

1.2. Principles

First of all, I tell you a few words about the principle of a KAL: several people decide to knit a pattern together, at the same time, in a given time (but not always).

This will allow you to help and train each other and to be able to finish a project that you would not normally have finished, or even start a project that you would not have dared to do on your own.

Then what about MKAL? The principle is the same as for the KAL: you are going to knit together a designer’s pattern but without knowing what the final result looks like!

You will receive a clue according to a precise schedule and you will discover little by little where the creator is leading you.
I think we can compare it to an escape game knitting version ?

2. Tobias, my new MKAL

If you follow me here, you know that I am a knitwear designer.
Some even know that this is not my first MysteryKAL.

Usually I propose shawls with some new techniques.

This year, I decided not to do like the previous MKALs so I completely changed the concept I propose until now.

At the beginning of 2020, I had the opportunity to meet Sylvain Daudier, a French illustrator living in Belgium and from there the idea of Tobias was born.

How to tell you about Tobias without revealing too much … let’s see …

2.1. Tobias, The Not So Big Bad One

Tobias is an old bachelor who dreams of joining the gang of tattooed bikers. He will do everything possible to make his dream come true before Christmas…

So here is the pitch … this is a character that you will knit during the Advent period.

You will receive knitting clues regularly (almost every day) during the Advent period (December 1st to 24th).
This will allow you to put something under the tree for a little (or big) boy or a little (or big) girl. Or keep it for yourself!

But it won’t be just a character to knit! With the ebook I created for the occasion, you’ll discover an unpublished story of Tobias, a story that will allow you to tell and create Tobias’ adventures.

Moreover, if you want to go even further with this journey, we have prepared kits for you:

  • A big box with everything you need for Tobias and his outfit and some goodies
  • A small box with the necessary to knit Tobias You can then draw from your wool stocks to knit his outfit.
Tobias  kits

So there are three possibilities for you to participate to this MKAL: the purchase of the ebook and the story alone, the purchase of the ebook, the story and a simple kit, or the whole thing! Enough to satisfy every budget!

If you want to know more, take a look at this YouTube video

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